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tres birds workshop is a full-service architecture and general contracting firm based in Denver, Colorado. Our primary objective is to unite humans with natural systems through the built environment.

The natural world runs on highly sophisticated and efficient systems that create balance and order. We seek to mimic this efficiency and view each project as a total system to be approached in an integrated and holistic manner, using cross-disciplines: art, science (biology, ecology), anthropology, architecture and construction management.

Our goal is to work on projects with people who share values of environmental stewardship, human health, community enrichment and artistic appreciation. We engage in a range of project types: historical renovations, commercial retrofits, new construction, office spaces, creative studios, retail, restaurant, mixed-use development, single-family homes, multi-unit residential buildings, civic, non-profit, temporary installations, permanent fixtures, locally, domestically or abroad.

tres birds workshop simplifies the building process; the same people who design are the same people who build. Each person on tres birds workshop’s core team is educated in architecture and has construction knowledge or experience. This creates nimble and seamless management across all phases of the project, eliminating overlapping costs and providing one point of responsibility for the client, ensuring a consolidated process from start to finish.

We use reclaimed materials wherever possible and materials are selected for their inherent structural qualities. The advantage to sourcing local and reclaimed is that it not only reduces material costs for the client, but it lowers the overall embodied energy of the project, adding rich sustainable value.

Art-making is central to the architecture work of tres birds workshop. We work from the belief that creativity is infinite and a necessary tool to transform any space into an inspiring place to be for building inhabitants. This view of creativity is extended to the use of materials, with the ability to reinvent discarded materials (or materials with low market value) into something new, beautiful and purposeful.

tres birds workshop is a leader in creating distinct design experiences as well as tailored environments that align with individual client lifestyles, workflows and desires. tres birds workshop is concerned with how humans as a species can come into greater balance with our natural potential as part of a vast and delicate web. We seek to bring about collaborative solutions that impact people and planet in positive ways. Lowering embodied energy, increasing use of day lighting and connecting humans to nature are top priorities in the architecture of tres birds workshop.

Mike M. Moore is an artist who has chosen architecture as his primary medium, founding tres birds workshop in 2000. Mike's career formally began at the University of California at Berkeley where he studied both Environmental Biology and Fine Art. With a desire to merge both ecological systems science and modern design principles, he completed a Masters in Architecture at the University of Colorado at Denver.